Bath has a thriving second home market, whether it’s an investment property or an inherited family home it’s clear to see why houses in Bath are so sought after. But who looks after the property when you’re not using it? Who ensures that it’s kept maintained and secure? You could ask a friend or neighbour, but they may not always be around either. What you need is a property guardian, a professional management company that is on-hand to keep a watchful eye over your second home.

Second-home living in Bath

If you ask us, Bath is a fantastic city for a second home. It’s full of historic character and charm, with layered history from the Romans to the Georgians – right up to the present day additions to the city. 

It’s fiercely proud of its independent businesses, shops and restaurants, and it welcomes visitors from all over the world to show off its landmark buildings, open spaces and attractions. Who wouldn’t want a pied-à-terre in this unique part of the West Country?

What’s a ‘property guardian’?

At Nook we call ourselves property guardians as that’s what we do – we look after properties for clients who are not based locally, because we are local. Our office is near the Royal Crescent and we have a team of people that we work with to look after homes in Bath. 

The service that we offer can be tailor-made to your property. We can look in on your home twice a week to ensure that everything is in order, check the lights and keep the heating ticking over. We can collect the post and send you copies of letters if you like – even stop or cancel things if you need us to. 

If you have a garden or outside space we can keep that maintained. Let us know when you are going to be using your home and we’ll organise a clean and get fresh linen on the beds, we can even get some food in for you and put fresh flowers out – however you like your home to be, we can ensure it’s ready for you.

Why choose a property management company?

Second homes benefit from a watchful eye when you’re not around. Having a property lie empty is not only a bad idea from a security point of view, but also from a maintenance one too. Turning lights on and off not only checks them but also shows that people are going in and out of a property on a regular basis. 

Flushing toilets and turning on taps keeps everything ticking over nicely and keeping the heating on a steady low setting throughout the winter is a good idea in older properties to prevent any problems. 

Just having people coming and going from your home will show any unwanted visitors that the property is in regular use and collecting post helps to not make it look vacant too. Your neighbours will thank you too – it will give them peace of mind that the property isn’t going to be a security threat to them and that the garden will be kept tidy. 

See how we could help!

If you’re looking forward to enjoying the benefits of a second home but want to ensure that it’s going to be well looked after, then get in touch with Chris and the team at Nook