Not all property management companies are equal.

Nook has been offering Bath property management, consultancy, lettings and maintenance services for years.  We’re a local, family-run business and we truly care about what we do.

Small enough to care, big enough to cope. We’re a family business, so when you call us, you’ll speak to one of the owners, not a call handler on a switchboard. This means we do friendly, responsive and flexible as standard and nothing is too much trouble.

We’ll often go out of our way to make sure a job is done right or a guest request is dealt with in a way which exceeds their expectations.

We’re based in Bath and we know the city inside out. We help clients and guests in person, not over the phone. We also use local suppliers and trades to get jobs done.

That sounds simple, but it has real benefits for our clients and their guests. It means we’re always ‘just around the corner’ and we can respond to requests, problems and emergencies really quickly.

It also means we know Bath well. Whether you’re a client looking for advice to ensure you invest in right property or a guest needing advice on what to visit, we’ll be on hand to help and provide genuine expertise.

We’re not ashamed to say we’re old-fashioned face-to-face and phone call people. We won’t hide behind email and messaging services (although we do use them if you want us to).

If something needs doing or discussing, we’ll be there to talk to you or your guests in person and we’ll roll our sleeves up and get the job done. If you ask us to do something and it can be done there and then, that’s what we’ll do. No excuses, no waiting, just the reliable, effective and practical service you need from us.

When we started Nook, we knew we wouldn’t be working normal ‘9 to 5’ days and that’s absolutely fine by us. We love helping you, no matter when you need that help. We do emergency callouts in the dead of night; we do advice, updates and meetings in the evening after our clients finish their day jobs; and we do property maintenance over the weekends and between guest bookings so that your occupancy levels don’t suffer.

That’s the nature of our business and we love it.  Whatever you need, whenever you need it, just ask and we’ll be there.

We know you and your situation are unique. We know your requirements and expectations are different from the last person we spoke to, so we’ll never assume that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service is appropriate.

Everything we do can be tailored.  We’ll always try and adapt what we offer to suit your needs and we’ll never say ‘no’ to a reasonable request. There’s always a way to get what you need done and we’ll find it.

We also don’t mind working alongside our clients to manage and maintain their properties or Airbnb listings. We’ll do what you need us to and you can handle what you feel comfortable doing yourself.  We’re there to make life easier for you and ensure your property is managed in exactly the way you want.

Our property portfolio

We help Bath property owners and investors to find, to renovate, to manage and maintain and let their properties.  Properties range from bijou apartments to large townhouses in Bath city centre, each one sprinkled with a little Nook magic.

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We use local suppliers

We’re proud of Bath’s diverse businesses and craftspeople.  Guests visiting the properties we manage enjoy local produce and we book local attractions and experiences on their behalf. We also use local trades and crafts to maintain the properties.

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