If you already have a management company looking after your property but you’re starting to feel a bit cheesed off by the service they are (or are not) providing, then perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.

Maybe you’ve been with the same company for years but don’t feel that you’re getting the return you’d hoped for, or perhaps you’ve just signed up with someone new but are already seeing some cracks in their system.

Whatever the reason, if this sounds familiar then Nook could be the answer. 

We’ve heard it all!

Whatever the problem, we’ve pretty much heard them all. Whether it’s a poor-quality clean, a company based 100-miles away that never actually visit their properties or it’s one of those companies that you can never get hold of, the list goes on!

People ring us and say they are tired of managing their management company, that they want better occupancy and better reviews. And we understand that because when you’re paying a fee for your home to be managed it’s reasonable to expect that the home would be visited by that service provider on a regular basis; they’ll manage it as a professional holiday let, including cleaning and linen; and that it will take stress off you.

And let’s face it, if you’re experiencing a poor service, your guests are more than likely going to be as well. Guests have a chance to be very honest about the stay they’ve had and if they’ve arrived to a home that hasn’t been cleaned or there are things missing, they’re unlikely to leave a good review when they leave.

Does this sound familiar?

If this rings true or maybe you have another reason for wanting to shop around then perhaps we could help. At Nook we visit all our properties on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept in immaculate condition.

If something needs fixing or replacing we pick up on it before guests arrive. After every stay each home is cleaned by professionals and fresh linen is used to make up the beds.

We contact the guests a week before their visit and are on-hand throughout their stay should they need us. We provide store cupboard basics, including bread and milk so that people can make a hot drink when they arrive – it’s thoughtful touches like this that help ensure our guests leave a good review.

How our service could help

If this sounds like the kind of service you’re looking for then give Nook a ring to have a friendly chat. We can talk about the return you’d like to achieve, what issues you’re currently having and how we can make positive changes.

We’ll never take on a new property without having a look around and sometimes we can immediately suggest changes to layout, amenities or long-term renovation plans that may help maximise bookings.

We can talk about things that haven’t gone so smoothly in the past and how we can help to rectify that – it might be that we can offer better communication with guests, or that our cleaners can give you piece of mind that your home is being properly cleaned after each guest.

It might be that having someone local to look after your home works better for you. Sometimes it’s just offering a polished service that makes a difference to your ratings or occupancy.

Take a look at our direct booking website Nook Stays to see all our holiday rental properties.

We can tailor our service

As we’re a Bath-based company we can tailor a plan to suit you and your family. If you want to use your home during the week and rent it at weekends, that’s fine.

If you live overseas but wish to stay in your apartment for 2 weeks in the summer we can block this time out for you. If you have family that might stay a night or so mid-week, then just let us know.

We know that some systems don’t allow flexibility but we can and we do encourage our clients to use their homes as it suits.

Local knowledge is power

We know that things do go wrong from time to time and when they do we have great local tradespeople that we work to put things right. So when a toilet won’t flush or there’s a leaky tap we know who to call and ensure that it’s fixed before the next guests arrive.

Most of the time it’s something that we can fix ourselves because we know the properties and any quirks that may go with them!

So when things don’t go swimmingly our clients know they can trust us to sort it out – and we’ll just let them know out of courtesy.  


So if you are thinking it’s time to look for a new property guardian, give Nook a call and see if we can help turn things around for you. If your home is already set up as a holiday let it’s likely that we can pick up where you left off fairly quickly. We love hearing from new clients and helping to provide a better service, so get in touch.